And we are bringing a new hydration method with us!  First of all, we at Ant-Topia are sorry that we closed up with no notice, and re-opening was prolonged.   But we wanted to be sure that when we opened our doors again, we would have quality items to show and offer you wonderful people.   

The first new feature to our nests, we hope to incorporate into all nests as we proceed is using ceramic as a hydration medium.  All of our plugs are made in house, fired in house and custom tailored to the nests they are going into for maximum effectiveness . 

The second and third is our new NON 3D printed nest, and our small test tube alternative / small nest.   Be sure to look up the new nests for more information on them, as happy to see you again. 

New additions
New items added....
Kelly Sutton
The owner of Ant-Topia
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